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  • OUR BEST DETOX TEA AND PROBIOTICS MADE A BRAIN CHILD to provide you with the best of both worlds. We all know how imperative probiotics are to our digestive health. But did you know 70% of your immune system is located in your gut? It makes sense that a healthy intestinal balance supports a healthy immune system.
  • YOU WIN ON SO MANY LEVELS with Essence of Earth Trini•tea. We created the perfect blend that synergistically reduces bloating giving you a flatter tummy, improves digestion, increases immunity, promotes skin and hair health, relieves constipation while maintaining the delicate bacteria balance in your digestive system while restoring your natural energy and focus.
  • KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON by feeling good mentally and physically. Our tea provides natural energy, reduces stress, eases anxiety, helps reduce inflammation in the body, balances hormone levels and reduces muscle recovery time when exercising. Safe to drink long-term. Perfect for both men and women!
  • 100% PURE ORGANIC TEA GOODNESS in every tea bag. As soon as you open the resealable pouch you will smell the aroma of premium natural ingredients. Trini•tea is free of gluten, soy, sugar, GMO, and added fillers. Packaged in the USA.
  • BUY NOW AND DECIDE LATER, you literally have nothing to lose with Essence of Earth. We are so confident in our teas that we guarantee that they will make a difference in your life. We offer a ZERO RISK ONE YEAR money back guarantee.